It Begins

This first post has been weeks (a.k.a months) in the making. And, honestly, even now, we’re getting distracted and finding it difficult to write this. It’s Saturday night, and we are in the increasingly busy Craft Beer Market, downtown Calgary. We are sitting at the bar, and our lovely bartender is bringing us many different samples of their new beers on tap, the bartender’s favourites, and stuff outside of our own comfort zones (read a short bio of who we are on our “About” page).

Our aim is to review as many craft beers as humanly possible, and although we’ve sampled quite a lot since coming up with this brilliant (and highly original) idea, we’ve yet to actually sit down and write a full review. So here it goes: our first beers—the pints we ordered, figuring we should review the beer we actually paid for—at Craft Beer Market: Continue reading