About the Brew Fighters

We are two, thirty-something women who’ve known each other for most of our lives. We are similar on the surface but are really quite different underneath it all. And by different, we mean our preferences are really quite different.

Jessica describes herself as, “Jessica. I like beer.” She favours porters, stouts, beers that come in fancy bottles, and beers named with puns, such as “Java the Hut.”

Heather is someone who theoretically shouldn’t like beer but doesn’t really like anything else. She also favours porters and stouts, because she likes her beer like she likes her men: the darker, richer, and smoother the better. Other interests include: Firefly, augmented reality, pornographic medieval literature, and the Star Trek universe as epic poetry.

We are experienced beer drinkers, but not experienced reviewers, so we won’t be judging beer on colour, pour, or mouth-feel (although we will sometimes judge mouth-feel, because how can you not?).